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Join us for great Hand Pattied Burgers and Real Pit BBQ!


Our BBQ Sauce is a Kansas City style BBQ Sauce. We took a variety of ingredients from several of the best sauces and made our own Kansas style sauce. We made a Sweet and Hot version from our Original Sauce.


Our smoked meats are hand rubbed with our homemade rub and smoked with Hickory.


Locally made "Kansas Style" Sauce. 

Taking the best of Kansas City BBQ

and adding a "D&D Kick" for a new bold taste


 Tuesday thru Friday to the

Topeka area. 1 day notice preferred, for your BBQ needs. Call 785-566-3833 for more information

Lighter Side

We will have weekly specials that include Rotisserie chicken, Specialty Salads

We have included applesauce, cottage cheese and canned fruit.

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Doug & Michele have owned Leroy's BBQ Since April 2013, and have gained a new addition to our family in February 2018. Our grandson Jaxson. Come see our recent improvements to the restaurant. 

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Do you have dietary concerns? Questions about an upcoming event? Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you soon!

Leroy's BBQ

203 E Franklin, Pomona, Kansas 66076, United States

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